Ham Radio testing has resumed with limited seating. Due to the social distancing mandates, we are limiting the number of participants to 8 people.

EFFECTIVE: April 19, 2022 The FCC has imposed fees for new amateur radio licensees. These fees are not ones imposed by CARS. More information can be found here on the FCC Site:

Personal Service and Amateur Application Fees

This fee will need to be paid to the FCC after successfully completing your exam.

Testing will still take place on the second Monday of the month, at the Clearwater fire training facility at 7:00 PM. Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of time to allow all paperwork to be completed.

Any new prospective licensee must secure an FRN number ahead of time by registering at: https://apps.fcc.gov/cores/userLogin.do

All participants must be pre-registered, no walk-ins are allowed. If you are interested please reach out to Mike at K4HN@Carshamradio.org to reserve your spot.